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Our Mission

To ensure that all dogs are well fed, exercised, educated and stimulated. 

About Bedfordshire Pet Care Company

It is our mission that drives us to ensure pet owners have access to the products and services that will enhance their relationship with their pets. We love to see happy and healthy pets, that is why we work to make this easily achievable for our customers.

Our Team

A team of professional and experienced carers. It is the love of pets that have brought us together.

Our Products & Services

Day Care | Dog Walking | Home Visits | Dog Training |

Puppy Classes | Social Sessions | Field Hire | Food Delivery | Nutritional Advice |


Bedfordshire Pet Care Company Ltd 2019

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Dog Walking - Group - £12 p/hour

An exciting, hour-long group walk for those dogs in need of exercise and social interaction.

Dog Walking - Individual £12 - £20

​For those dogs that need a little extra attention, our one-on-one walks are a great option.

Home Visits - £10 per visit

​Our home visits are a great way to ensure your pet has everything they need. Whether that's food, water or play time in the garden, our home visits are the perfect solution.

Dog Training - £60 per session

​Training is vital for all dogs. Work with our trainers in order to stop that unwanted behavior or to take your dog's training to the next level.

Day Care (Coming Soon!) - 

​Providing your dog with fun, excitement and plenty of exercise in a secure environment, under the supervision of experienced carers. Whether it is for the full day, or something a little shorter, we have you covered.

Puppy Classes (Coming Soon!)

​These classes cover the fundamentals of dog ownership and training, setting you and your pup on the path to a long and happy relationship. Send us a message to register your interest today!

Social Sessions (Coming Soon!)

​Taking place in our secure fields, these sessions are a great opportunity for your dog to run free with other dogs. As an occasional reward or a regular occurrence to ensure your dog gets the social interaction and exercise your dog needs, our social sessions are a great option.

Field Hire (Coming Soon!)

​All dogs need to run free from time to time! Why not let them loose in one of our secure fields to give them the runabout that they deserve.

Food Delivery

​Free delivery with the purchase of any of our food, snacks, health or hygiene products. 

Nutritional Advice

As part of our complete service, our qualified vet is here to provide nutritional advice.



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